Activated Alumina Ball

Activated Alumina Ball

AquaSorb is product comes under activated alumina ball categories. Activated Alumina Ball is formulated from aluminum hydroxide by dehydroxylating process. Furthermore, as result that produce highly porous structure. Due to its high porosity structure it can adsorb more water molecule from air.

Our Al-Aquasorb Activated Alumina Ball is specially formulated by high purity aluminum hydroxide having Al2O3 content more than 94% which will give high adsorption result.



 Use of Activated Alumina

  •  As Catalyst in H2O2 Production, Polyethylene Production and as selective adsorption of arsenic, fluoride, sulfur etc.
  • As Desiccant for making Dry Air, Drying of organic liquid, Industrial gas, Natural Gas etc.
  • In Vacuum System it is use to trap oil generated by rotary van pum

Technical Specification

    Description Limits
    Bed Crushing Strength 98.00%
    Loss on attrition
    By tumbling
    By rotation
    Independent Ball Crush Strength, Point load Basis 18.8 Kgs
    Free Moisture at 120OC 0.9%
    Tapped bulk Density 820 gm/ltr
    Loss on ignition,( 250-1000OC) 6.7%
    Pore Volume (Total) 0.42 cc/gm
    Surface area 360 m2/gm
    Water adsorption capacity at 60% RH & 30oC
    Water adsorption capacity at 15% RH & 30oC
    Na2O 0.25%
    Fe2O3 0.05%
    sio2 0.08%
    Al2O3 93.2%
    Water soluble chlorides (as Cl) 0.5%
    Water soluble chlorides (as So4) 0.3%
    pH 7.6