Desiccant Pouch 300 Gm

Desiccant Pouch 300 Gm

AQUABLUE 300 Gm Container Desiccant Pouch is a specially formulate desiccant product by our R&D Department. During transportation of cargo/container by sea inside packed material will face high humidity level and moreover  frequent  temperature soak during day & night as result repetated condensation will occur during transist period.

Above phenomenon will cuase growth of fungus,mold and other problems suchs as corroision,erorsion,oxidative degradation of product. As a result customer will get damged goods or negative effect of brand value.

AQUABLUE is providing above problem solution by introdusing AQUABLUE 300 Gm Desiccant Pouch by comitting its performance up to 300% moisture absorption of its weight which means 900 Gm of water absorbed for 300 Gm Bag.



 Use of AQUABLUE 300 Gm Desiccant Pouch

  • Enineering & Automation
  • Logistics & Transportation
  • Agricultural Commodities
  • Pharmaceutical Drugs & API
  • Chemical & Powder
  • Medical & Diagnostic kits
  • Food Storage
  • Leather & Textiles
  • Machinary & Spare parts
  • Foundry Products
  • Jute & Cotton Products
  • Garments

Technical Specifications

Description Limits
Calcium Chloride 60%
Modified Starch 30%
Gelling Agent 10%

 Packaging Specification

Features AQUABLUE 300 Gm Pouch
Absorption 300%
Net Weight 300 Gm
Length of Product 38 cm
Width of Product 17.2 cm
Net Weight 300 Gm
Certification SGS Certified
ROHS/REACH Certified Yes

Box Specification

Carton Size (cm) Gross Weight (Kg) Packaging Carton / 20 GP Carton / 40 GP
68*38*20 22 Kg 16 Pcs/Polythene Bag
4 Polythene Bag of 16 Pcs
64 Pcs/Carton
570 1200