Silica Gel Sachets

Silica Gel Tyvek Paper Pouch are simply flexible ‘containers ‘ of silica gel. Moreover,AQUABLUE is leading manufacturer of Silicagel Pouch in india.

However, sachet material has to be robust and capable of withstanding normal handling whilst importantly being able to breathe.

This means that water molecules can pass through the material and be adsorb by the silica gel. Following are Standard sachet materials are Non-woven, Tyvek, Composite Paper, BOPP etc.

Furthermore,Silica Gel Pouch is produce with help of Non-Woven Cloth or Paper. White Silica Gel & Blue Silica Gel Bags and Pouches are manufacture with Pouch Packing Machine, in different types of cloth or paper.

In a relatively short period of time, we have establish ourselves as one of the reputed Desiccant White & Blue Silica Gel Bag (Indicating & Non-Indicating) Manufacturers and Suppliers. Blue Silica Gel Pouch (Blue Silica Gel Bag , Blue Silica Gel Sachet , Blue Silica Gel Pack, Blue Silica Gel Packets, Blue Desiccants Pack) are also manufactured same way. 

Silicagel Pouch Details

SilicaGel Sachet : 0.5-gm, 1-gm, 2-gm, 3-gm
Silica Gel Pouch : 5-10-20-25-50-100- gm.
Silica Gel Bag : 200-gm, 250-gm, 500gm & 1-kg Bags, 1.5-kg, 2-kg, 5-kg, 25-kg Bags