Silica Gel White

White silica gel beads are same as silica gel white crystals. It is also known as non-indicating silica gel beads. however, It will not give any clear indication of color when it will be totally hydrated.

AQUABLUE has occupied level of trusted supplier and exporter of silica gel beads white/blue/orange. we are major importer of silica gel beads in india.silica gel beads is available in round spherical shape.

moreover due to its high crushing strength it is dust free and major use in pharmaceutical companies as silica gel sachet/pouch. it is available in different size ranging from 1mm to 6mm depends on its application.


 Use of Silica Gel White Beads

  • Compressed air systems
  • Garment Industries
  • Leateher Industries
  • Kithcenware Industries
  • Cargo Shipment
  • Frozon Food
  • Consumer Products

Chemical Specification

Description Limits
Assay (as Sio2) Min 98%
Bulk Density g/ml0.55-0.75
PH 4 – 8
Loss on Drying %<6
Adsorption capacity at 100% humidity 25-30%
Chloride( as Nacl) Max 0.5%
Cobalt (as Cobalt chloride) NIL
Sulphate(Na2So4) Max 0.5%
Friability 99.5

 Physical Size Specification

Mesh mm
14*30 1-3
9*16 2-4
6*8 3-5

Packing Spceification

Final Packing Custimized Packing
30 Kg HDPE Bag 1 Kg,2 Kg,5 Kg,10 Kg
25 Kg HDPE Bag 1 Kg,2 Kg,5 Kg
10 Kg HDPE Bag 1 Kg,2 Kg,5 Kg
30 Kg HDPE Drum/Container 1 Kg,2 Kg,5 Kg,10 Kg
20 Kg HDPE Drum/Container 1 Kg,2 Kg,5 Kg
10 Kg HDPE Drum/Container 1 Kg,2 Kg,5 Kg